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In part two of my series on how to use Pinterest for specific niches, I’m talking about how to use Pinterest marketing for wedding planners! I had a couple of requests for this topic, and weddings are one of the most popular topics on Pinterest, so it’s the perfect platform to market your wedding planning business. 

I talked about Pinterest marketing for photographers in part one, so head over here if you want to read that! There are actually a lot of similarities between the two niches when it comes to Pinterest marketing, so you’ll see some overlap. 

Note: In this series, I won’t be covering general Pinterest basics (proper account set up, keyword research, etc.) and am focusing on specific industry tips instead. For info on Pinterest 101, you can grab my guide here or check out my other blog posts.

Let’s jump into my top tips for growing your wedding planning business with Pinterest marketing!

Decide why you’re using the platform

One of the keys to success for any platform is getting clear on why you’re using it. For wedding planner’s this can be a lot of different things. If you’re solely looking for clients, you’ll want to focus on promoting your blog posts, wedding images, and checklists. If you also offer products and online services, you may want to promote those, as well as your email list.

There are lots of different reasons to be on Pinterest, so deciding what you’re using the platform for (and there can be more than one reason) is an essential first step. 

Clarify your location

Pinterest is predominately used by location independent industries (ex. bloggers, online product-based companies, service providers, etc.), but that doesn’t mean local businesses can’t use (and thrive on) the platform. To see success as a local business, you want to include your location in all of your descriptions. 

Say you’re an New York based wedding planner- you’ll want to include this throughout your profile (read more about where to use your keywords here).

This includes,

Your profile name (ex. Kate | Wedding Planner in NYC)

Your profile description (ex. New York City based wedding planner…)

Your board names (ex. The Best Wedding Venues in NYC, Hamptons Bachelorette Party)

Your Pin titles and descriptions (ex. 10 Best Wedding Venues in NYC, How to Plan the Perfect NYC Bachelorette Party)

If you are location independent, that widens your net a lot more, and you’ll want to let this be known. If for example, you are willing to travel or if you work with clients virtually, make sure this is clear in your Pinterest description and throughout your account.

Or maybe you offer products or services that aren’t tied to a location, like a wedding planning checklist or ebook, education tools for other wedding planners, or an online course. This widens your reach even further and you can promote your products/services/courses/email list without having to worry about using location-focused keywords.

Want more Pinterest marketing tips? Check out my FREE guide here!

What should wedding planners share to Pinterest?

When you’re deciding what to share to Pinterest, think about the kinds of things your ideal clients would be searching for. Typically, people are searching for wedding content for one of two reasons: they’re looking for ideas and inspiration, or they’re actively planning their wedding and looking for concrete tips and and information.

Like I talked about earlier, what you share will depend on what your goal is on Pinterest (getting clients, selling courses, getting email signups, etc.), so get clear on this first.

In general though, you’ll want to share both inspiration content and educational/informative content. Inspirational content would look like photos from weddings you’ve planned and photo shoots you’ve participated in- things that encapsulate the kinds of weddings you plan. Educational content would be things like blog posts, checklists, infographics, lists, lead magnets, etc.

Weddings have so many components to them and are so beautiful that you’ll have no shortage of information and visual content to share! Play around with these and see which you get the best results from.

Organize your pins into boards that make sense for your brand and business goals. What services do you provide? What pain points do you address for your clients? What are they looking for inspiration on? What style of wedding do you specialise in? 

This can be things like NYC Weddings, Rustic Weddings, Wedding Day Must-Haves, Proposal Ideas, Wedding Flower Arrangements, NYC Wedding Venues, Resources for Wedding Planners, etc.

A note on photos: One thing to keep in mind when you’re sharing photos is that Pinterest prefers vertical over horizontal. Often in photo shoots, the photos are taken in landscape, so try to get some photos in portrait taken as well.

Using video pins for wedding planners

Pinterest (as with most platforms) is favouring video content right now, so including video in your strategy is huge. I shared a post here on creating video content for Pinterest, but specifically for wedding planners, you can do video content on things like behind the scenes of the planning process, a testimonial from a client, vignettes of small moments of the wedding day, close ups on things like the dress, centerpieces, ring, etc.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or over the top, just find simple ways to work video pins into your strategy.

Using Story Pins for wedding planners

Another new format that Pinterest is really favouring right now is Story Pins. This is a new feature, so not everyone has access to it (yet!), but if you do, I highly recommend using them, and there are a lot of great ways to do this for wedding planners to do this. 

You can make a Story for each wedding you plan, different venue ideas in your city, different wedding dress styles, DIY wedding decor, the best florists in your city, wedding trends for the year, behind the scenes of your planning process- the list goes on and on!

Optimize your website for Pinterest

Make it super easy for your website visitors to share your content (free marketing!) by optimizing your website for Pinterest. This includes having a Pin It button, including a CTA on your blog posts asking readers to share to Pinterest, asking visitors to follow you on Pinterest, and sharing vertical images on your site.


While Pinterest is still a visual search engine, rather than a social media platform, it has been adding more social elements lately, and this can give you an opportunity to engage with others in your niche or those in complimentary niches. For example, if you’re a wedding planner, engage with local wedding photographers, venues, florists, etc. by liking and commenting on their content.

If you don’t have time for this step, it’s no problem to skip it. Pinterest is still a search engine, not a social platform, so the content you share is what really matters.

Create a Pinterest mood board with your client

Pinterest isn’t just a great promotion platform, you can also use it for your onboarding process. Having your client create their own board with inspiration and ideas for their big day is a great way to get super clear on the look and style they are going for. You can also make this a group board so you (and any members of the wedding party) can share ideas and inspiration as well (note: you can make boards “Secret” so it can only be seen by members of the group).

As you can see, Pinterest and wedding planning go hand in hand, and it’s an amazing platform to promote and grow your business! Weddings are one of the most searched categories on Pinterest and people are on their planning their weddings sometimes years even before they’re even engaged, so the demand for content is high and the opportunities are endless!

Ready to start growing your wedding business with Pinterest? Head over to my services page to see how we can work together!




How to Use Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Planners


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