A Modern Brand Photoshoot with Rebecca Frank



Okay, this post is a little late (like a year late!), but I had to share my brand photoshoot that I did with THE Rebecca Frank last summer.

I always feel super awkward getting my photo taken, so it’s something I put off for awhile, but there were two things I knew:

  1. Brand photos are so important (and my DIYs weren’t cutting it anymore)
  2. I needed to work with Rebecca. I’d been following her for awhile on Instagram and she’d worked with some of my friends for weddings and other events, and her style and eye are just perfection.

I was looking for a fresh, relaxed, and modern vibe for my photos, and that’s exactly what she delivered. I wanted to steer away from laptop / posed working photos, so we went for more of a lifestyle vibe.

In the end, the whole process was SO much fun. From creating my inso board on Pinterest to choosing outfits and props to the actual shoot itself, it was such a fun and creative experience.

We shot in two locations. Our first was A-Frame on Fletcher (the dreamiest venue of all time), and the second was Crystal Crescent Beach.

Rebecca’s website and IG.
A Frame’s website and IG.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with moodboard photos?

My mom came with me to the beach and Rebecca snapped a few photos of us at the end of our shoot. 🥹

Overall, a 10/10 experience. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually looking forward to my next brand photoshoot.

Rebecca travels frequently for work, so make sure to check her out!

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A Modern Brand Photoshoot with Rebecca Frank


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