How to Optimize Your Website for More Pinterest Traffic



This week, we’re talking about one of the most overlooked (and easiest!) ways to get traffic from Pinterest: Optimizing your website to encourage visitors to post your content!

I love this topic because so many people skip it, but it’s SO easy and yields such great results.

When someone else pins your content, it indicates to Pinterest that this is high quality content, so they give it priority in the algorithm, and optimizing your website to encourage pinning is super easy.

This step isn’t a replacement for a solid Pinterest marketing strategy, but it is an amazing (and in my mind, essential) addition.

1. Add the Pin It plugin

The Pin It plugin (or similar social sharing plugin) allows visitors to Pin your website images directly to Pinterest. This both encourages visitors to share your content and makes it easy for them to do so (i.e. free marketing!).

This takes literally minutes and is SO helpful for you account!! When someone pins something from your website, it gets an added boost in the algorithm and can drive serious traffic to your website.

Basically, when you pin your own content, you’re telling Pinterest you think it’s good but they don’t take this as seriously because well, of course you think it’s good.

BUT when someone else pins your content, it tells Pinterest that a third party thinks the content is good, which signals to Pinterest that your account shares high value content.

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2. Use a CTA to encourage visitors to save your content

The Pin It plugin makes it super easy for people to pin your content, but you can further encourage them to do so by using CTAs such as “Pin this for later,” and “Follow us on Pinterest.”

3. Add Pinterest optimized imagery to your site

Make sure your site (particularly freebie/sales pages, portfolio pages, and blog posts), have Pinterest optimized images that will perform well once they’re pinned.

This will vary depending on your content/niche, but in general it’s vertical images with great visuals and clear messaging.

Remember, having other people pin your content is free, high-quality marketing so we don’t want to miss out! Following these steps goes a long way in boosting these pins and building your account overall.

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How to Optimize Your Website for More Pinterest Traffic


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