A Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Photographers



Photographers, listen up! If you’re not marketing your business on Pinterest, you are seriously missing out on brand awareness, client leads, and email list building. Pinterest is the perfect platform for photographers, and in this post, I’m showing you how to get started with my complete guide to Pinterest marketing for photographers.


Why Pinterest for photographers?

First things first, Pinterest is a visual search engine, not a social media platform. It’s a platform where users come to search for visual inspiration (hello you!) and to take action by clicking through from Pinterest to your website (hello website traffic, client leads, email list building and more!).

Pinterest is a visual platform that requires a consistent volume of aesthetic content and as a photographer, that’s exactly what you create!

Pinterest users come to Pinterest to

  • Plan their wedding and events (wedding & elopement photographers, take note!)
  • Search for photography & editing tips (if you sell any kind of photography products/courses this is the perfect top of funnel platform!).
  • Find a photographer for branding, businesses, family shoots, etc.

This makes it an amazing platform to

  • Book more clients (both photography and editing)
  • Build brand awareness
  • Grow your email list
  • Promote affiliate links
  • Sell filters, presets, digital products, courses, etc.

(If you’re a wedding photographer, don’t miss our Pinterest marketing for wedding businesses post!).

How to grow your photography business with Pinterest

Now that we’ve covered the why, let’s take a look at how to get started with Pinterest marketing. I’ve written tons of posts that go into more specifics on each topic, so I’ll link these below. Or for all of the details, grab my FREE Beginners Guide to Pinterest Marketing.

  1. Create a business account: Business accounts give you access to a whole host of tools that you’ll need to run your account, including your analytics, Rich Pins, the ability to claim your website, and the Pinterest Trends tool.
  2. Do your keyword research. Because Pinterest is a search engine, you need good keywording and SEO to show up in search results. You can learn more here on how to do keyword research and where to use your keywords.
  3. Set up your account: This post walks you through every step of properly setting up your account.
  4. Start Pinning: Pinterest requires daily Pinning, which is why I recommend a scheduling tool like Tailwind. This allows you to batch your scheduling and ensure you have Pins coming out daily (I recommend aiming for 3-10 Pins/day) without being overwhelmed.

Get all the deets in my FREE Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing tips for photographers

The above recommendations are my general set up steps for all niches, but make sure you’re applying the following tips to make your photography account really shine.

First off, what will you share to Pinterest? These are the main Pinterest content pillars I recommend for photographers. The majority of accounts will only use a couple of these so don’t think you need to use them all!

  • Your photography (duh!)
  • Lead magnets/freebies
  • Blog posts
  • Digital/physical products
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Tutorial/how to videos
  • Courses/workshops
  • and more!

To get the most out of your Pinterest marketing, apply the following tips:

  • Use your location(s) in all of your keywording to help potential clients find you
  • Optimize your photos for Pinterest (2:3 ratio) for better conversions
  • Create blog posts for all of your shoots. Pinterest loves a variety of URLs, so breaking your portfolio up into blog posts is a great way to do this!
  • Experiment with video content, such as behind the scenes clips, editing tips, etc.
  • Implement a sales funnel to turn Pinterest traffic into clients/customers

Is Pinterest marketing a good fit for your business?

Overall, Pinterest is an amazing marketing platform for photographers, but there are a few factors to consider.

  1. Your location. Pinterest has limited location targeting, so while it can work for photographers working in one location, it does best for photographers who work in multiple locations or are available for travel and for photographers who offer digital products such as presets, courses, templates, etc.
  2. Your photography library. Pinterest does require a consistent volume of new content. This doesn’t mean tons and tons of new content weekly, but we do need to get fresh photoshoot content on a semi-regular basis.
  3. Your commitment. Pinterest isn’t an instantaneous platform. It’s best suited for established photographers who are really ready to grow the business and invest the time into a long-term marketing platform. It can take a few months for accounts to begin gaining traction, but once they do, you’ll see your Pins driving traffic for months and even years after they’ve been shared.

TLDR: A strong supply of visuals and an audience base that’s specifically searching for what you offer makes Pinterest marketing for photographers and absolute no-brainer. If you’re ready for more leads and clients, brand awareness, email list building, and product sales, Pinterest is a must for your marketing strategy.

Ready to see what Pinterest can do for your photography business? Head to my Services page to learn more about how we can work together.




A Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Photographers


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