A Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Businesses



Wedding pros, this one’s for you! Wedding brands are among my favorite Pinterest clients because a) your content is so beautiful and fun to work with, and b) there is SO much opportunity for brands to see major results on the platform.

Every year, there are over 378 million wedding-related Pinterest searches, and they cover everything from bouquets to venues to dresses to checklists, and beyond.

Pinterest is often the first place people go to start planning their wedding, so it’s the perfect platform to market your wedding services and products to your dream clients and customers.

Is Pinterest right for your wedding business?

If you’re a …

  • Wedding planner
  • Wedding photographer
  • Wedding venue
  • Floral designer
  • Wedding blogger
  • Wedding magazine
  • Wedding dress brand
  • Engagement/wedding ring brand
  • etc.

… your audience is on Pinterest and you should be too!

Why use Pinterest for your wedding business?

Wedding content is absolutely MASSIVE on Pinterest and users flock to the platform actively searching for wedding planning tips, photographers, dresses, venues, floral design, and everything in between.

They aren’t just passively scrolling either- they’re their to find service providers and products for their big day.

I.e. your audience is on the platform, and they’re ready to take action!

What can Pinterest do for your wedding business?

Pinterest’s primary marketing uses are building brand awareness & driving website traffic.

It’s the perfect platform to get your wedding business in front of a new audience and get this audience onto your website. From there, they can be funnelled through your sales funnel/customer journey to becoming email subscribers, clients, and customers.

Depending on your wedding business and goals, this can look like a lot of different things including,

  • Getting new leads for your wedding planning or photography business
  • Raising interest and awareness about your wedding venue
  • Building your email list as a wedding coach or service-provider
  • Selling digital products like wedding planning checklists and planners
  • Bringing in leads/making sales for your wedding products (ex. dresses, rings, wedding favors, decor, etc.)

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Pinterest marketing tips for wedding pros:

Use the following tips to make sure you get the most out of your Pinterest marketing strategy.

  • Use your location(s) in all of your keywording. This helps your local audience to find you.
  • Share aesthetic visual content (ex. photography, videography, product photos). This is great for catching your audiences attention and encouraging them to share your content (i.e. free marketing!)
  • Share helpful/informative blog posts. Another form of highly shareable content that will encourage users to click through to your site and learn more about you/
  • Stay on top of Pinterest Trends. Wedding trends vary throughout the year, and knowing what people are searching for and when is key to planning your Pinterest content calendar.
  • Experiment with video content. Focus on visual content or how-tos as these tend to perform well (and don’t worry about sound- most users scroll without audio on).
  • Implement a sales funnel to turn Pinterest traffic into clients/customers. Once your Pinterest visitors arrive to your site, make sure you have a solid sales funnel in place to move them from interested visitor to customer/client.

TLDR: Pinterest is a super powerful marketing platform for all wedding pros and brands. Your dream audience is on Pinterest, so if you’re not, you’re missing out on serious sales and clients!

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A Guide to Pinterest Marketing for Wedding Businesses


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