How to Get Clients with Pinterest for Your Service-Based Business



Learn how to get more clients with Pinterest for your service-based business with these 5 simple steps. Pinterest marketing for business.

When you’re starting or scaling your service-based business, one of the biggest questions you’re likely going to have is “how do I get more clients?” In today’s post, I’m going to show you how to get clients with Pinterest marketing! 

Pinterest is an amazing platform for growing your business and reaching your ideal audience because it’s a search engine, so your potential clients are on their actively searching for the content you share!

Whether you’re a coach, VA, OMB, photographer, web designer, social media manager, or anything in between, your people are on Pinterest looking for what you have to offer! Keep reading to learn how to grow your service-based business with Pinterest marketing.

Create consistent content

Pinterest thrives on fresh consistent content- this means that you can’t

a) Post a bunch of content initially and then neglect your account.

b) Constantly repin old content.

Instead, you need to create a content and Pinterest strategy that will allow you to share new content on a regular basis.

For a lot of service-based businesses on Pinterest, that will mean creating regular blog content or podcast episodes that you share to the platform. This could also be your photography if you’re a photography, your designs if you’re a brand/web designer, etc. This will serve as the bulk of your content.

What does regular mean? That depends on you and what you have time for. Twice weekly, weekly, biweekly- choose a level of content that works for you and stick with it.

In addition to this, you can also share additional content such as your freebies, email sign up, any products you sell, landing pages, videos, etc.

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Address your clients’ pain points

When you’re creating your content calendar, it’s important to think about your clients’ pain points- what issues or problems are they hoping to solve?

Are they planning a wedding and looking for the perfect person to capture their day? Are they starting a new business and looking for the right branding? Are they looking to make healthy changes in their life but aren’t sure where to start?

You’ll also want to consider how your clients may be feeling and how you can help them feel. Are they overwhelmed? Stressed? Feeling lost? Do your services help them feel empowered? Organized? Back in control? 

Thinking about what your potential clients may be searching for and why their searching for it will help you to create the kind of content that will draw in your people.

Use solid Pinterest keywording

Pinterest is a search engine, so to actually get your clients to find your content on Pinterest, you need to use proper keywording and SEO. 

You’ll want to create a list of short tail and long tail keywords that your clients will be searching for. For me, short tail keywords would include things like “Pinterest marketing, Pinterest management, Pinterest marketing strategy,” while long keywords would include things like “how to grow your business with Pinterest, Pinterest for web designers” etc.

Pinterest keywording is a big topic, so for more details, check out my posts on how to find keywords and where to use keywords on Pinterest.

Create eye-catching graphics

Pinterest is a also visual platform, so you want to be creating strong visuals that will entice your potential clients to click through and read your content. 

When creating your Pin graphics, here are some best practices to keep in mind.

1. Use your brand colors, font, and logo (this build brand awareness and helps you connect with others who share your aesthetic).

2. Use aesthetically pleasing imagery that appeals to your target audience (you can find my favourite stock photos sources here!).

3. Use a strong headline that addresses your audiences’ pain points and a clear CTA that encourages them to click through (ex. Read More, Download the Freebie, Learn More).

I use Canva to create all of my Pins. 

Optimize your content

Okay so you’ve created your content, you’ve nailed your Pinterest SEO, you’ve created eye catching Pins, and your potential clients are clicking through to your website. You’re good to go, right? 

Not yet! Getting traffic to your website is great, but it won’t do you any good if you can’t convert it.

Pinterest is typically a top of funnel platform- the people arriving to your site have likely never heard of you, so they may not be ready to go ahead and book one of your services right away.

Instead, you’ll want to optimize your content to convert. This can include,

1. Including links to other blog posts/podcast episodes/pieces of content

2. Promoting your freebies/email list in your content

3. Including a CTA in each piece of content so your audience knows what step to take next (ex. Book a free call with me! Sign up for my mailing list! Follow me on IG!).

Knowing what action you want your audience to take will help to guide them through your sales funnel and turn your cold audience into paying clients.

Ready to start growing your service-based business with Pinterest? Head over to my services page to see how we can work together!


Learn how to get more clients with Pinterest for your service-based business with these 5 simple steps. Pinterest marketing for business.



How to Get Clients with Pinterest for Your Service-Based Business


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