How to Create a High Converting Pinterest Marketing Strategy



The key to success on Pinterest? A solid Pinterest marketing strategy. Just like any platform, you’ll only see success if you’re super clear on what you’re doing, for who, any why.

I know “strategy” can be a scary word for people, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m breaking things down into 5 simple steps so you can set your strategy and get to work growing your business with Pinterest marketing.

1. Set your goals

Why are you on Pinterest? Do you want to grow your email list, promote your courses, increase lead generation to your services, sell products?

Getting clear on why you’re on the platform will inform your strategy and content.

2. Get clear on your audience

Understanding who your audience is, what their pain points are, and what they’re looking for is key to a successful strategy.

Your audience informs the kind of content you’ll create, the keywording you’ll need, and the overall messaging.

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3. Create your content pillars

Pinterest requires a consistent supply of new content, so determining your content pillars (and being realistic about how much you can create) is super important.

Your content pillars need to align with your overall account strategy and should reflect the kind of content your target audience is looking for.

(Hint: do a quick search for general topics in your niche and look at the top ranking content)

4. Set up your sales funnel

Pinterest is a top of funnel marketing platform- we use it for brand awareness and website traffic- but your funnel doesn’t begin and end with a website click.

To make the most of the traffic Pinterest will bring to your website, you need to have a sales funnel in place to nurture your audience towards becoming customers/clients.

(Hint: this is often in the form of an email sequence!)

5. Set up your Pinning schedule

Repeat after me: consistency is KEY!!

To be successful on Pinterest, you need to be pinning every. single. day. I recommend anywhere from 3-10 pins/day, depending on the amount of content you have/the amount of time you can invest in your marketing.

Putting these five steps into place will set the foundation for a solid Pinterest marketing strategy and se your business up for success on the platform.

Don’t overcomplicate it, just make sure you have a solid foundation set before you begin.

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How to Create a High Converting Pinterest Marketing Strategy


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