Pinterest Marketing for Travel Brands: The Essential Guide



There aren’t many niches we’d make such a blanket statement for, but if you’re a travel brand, you NEED to be on Pinterest. While we are a little travel obsessed over here, we swear we’re not based: Pinterest marketing and travel is a match made in heaven, and it’s the perfect platform to organically grow your travel based business.

In this post, we’re breaking down the why, what, and how of a successful Pinterest marketing strategy for travel brands. Let’s dive in!

Why Pinterest for Travel Brands?

The short answer? Because your audience is on the platform actively looking for what you have to offer.

Travel is one of the biggest categories on Pinterest, and users head to the platform to plan their trips and vacations. So you have a huge audience of people who are actively looking for what you have to offer!

Pinterest users head to the platform to plan just about every aspect of their trip from accommodations to restaurants to itineraries and more. They’re looking for general travel inspiration to brainstorm where they’ll visit next and specific information on exactly what to do on their current vacation.

Whether you’re a resort, a hotel chain, a travel blog, a travel photographer, a travel hacking site, and guided tours operation, a tourist destination, or anything in between, Pinterest is the perfect platform for generating brand awareness and leads.

What can Pinterest do for my brand?

The primary marketing benefits of Pinterest are

  1. Driving website traffic
  2. Building brand awareness

Pinterest differs from social media sites because it’s actually designed to get people off of their site and onto yours, so it’s an amazing way to drive website traffic! This website traffic can then be funnelled towards your end goal (ex. website traffic to increase ad revenue, hotel bookings, email list signups, product purchase, etc.).

It’s also a great platform for building brand awareness- the majority of searches are unbranded, so it’s the perfect way for small brands to organically get in front of a new audience.

For example, people generally aren’t searching for “Hilton hotels in Tulum,” they’re searching for “cool hotels in Tulum.” This gives everyone an even playing field and makes the platform awesome for building that awareness.

How to use Pinterest marketing for travel brands

Do we have you convinced yet? If you’re ready to grow your travel business on Pinterest, check out the following essential steps.

1. Solid SEO: Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine, so doing detailed keyword research and using these keywords effectively throughout your account is crucial.

2. Eye catching visuals: Pinterest is a visual search engine, so the way to stand out amongst a sea of travel content is to create beautiful visuals. Think gorgeous photography/imagery and branded graphics.

3. Click-worthy content: You can have the best SEO and visuals in the world, but if your content isn’t good, no one’s going to click through. Creating consistent, useful/beneficial content is essential to seeing success.

This will look a lot of different ways depending on your brand but can include travel photography, travel guides, blog posts, etc.

4. The latest trends. Pinterest offers a really great tool called Pinterest Trends, which let’s you see which topics are trending throughout the year. You can filter specifically for travel to see what travel topics are currently trending so you can plan your content accordingly.

5. A solid sales funnel. Pinterest is a top of funnel marketing channel- it’s where people initially discover you and take that first step towards the end goal. Having a solid sales funnel in place ensures that you can channel all of that great website traffic that Pinterest delivers towards conversions.

Are you ready to grow your travel business with impactful Pinterest marketing? We’d love to work with you! Grab a copy of our Services Guide to get started today. ✈️




Pinterest Marketing for Travel Brands: The Essential Guide


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