5 Essential Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2023



Like any platform, Pinterest is constantly changing and evolving, and the key to creating a successful Pinterest marketing strategy is to stay on top of the ever changing updates and best practices.

The Pinterest marketing of today looks a lot different than it did a few years ago, and in this post I’m sharing the 5 essential Pinterest marketing tips you need to create a successful strategy in 2023.

1. Focus on fresh content

Gone are the days when Pinterest wanted us repinning our content over and over. Being successful on Pinterest today means focusing on fresh Pin content- rather than pinning the same things over and over, create 7-10 unique Pins per piece of content (blog post, podcast episode, etc.), Pin them, and then move on to your next piece of content.

2. Experiment with different Pin styles

In the last couple of years, Pinterest has introduced two new Pin styles: Video Pins and Idea Pins. While these aren’t a fit for every niche, you should definitely be experimenting with them to see if they work well for your brand. They can be a game changer when used correctly!

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3. Prioritize Pinterest keywords and SEO

This tip isn’t a new one, but it can never be emphasized enough. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so the key to getting your content discovered by your audience is to do your keyword research and use keywords throughout your account and content. Check out these posts to learn more about how to find keywords and where to use them.

4. Focus on quality over quantity

Because repinning is no longer a best practice, we don’t need to Pin nearly as much as we did in the past. The emphasis now is on Pinning high quality (i.e. fresh, relevant, aesthetic) content, rather than simply a high volume of Pins. The amount you Pin will depend on the amount of content you have (and the time you can invest in your strategy), but between 3-10 Pins/day is a good guideline.

If this feels overwhelming, don’t let it discourage you- even 1 Pin per day is better than nothing!

5. Use the Pinterest Trends tool

Pinterest offers a really amazing tool called Pinterest Trends, which they have just updated to make it even more useful. The tool allows you to analyze what is trending on Pinterest at different times of the year. This gives you huge insight into what your audience wants to see, and it also helps you plan your Pinning schedule.

For example, if you sell Christmas decor, you can use the Trends tool to see a) what kind of Christmas content people are searching for this year, and b) when do people start searching for Christmas decor. This will help you to meet your audience where they are and understand what to Pin and when.

While the platform’s best practices may have changed, the benefits definitely have not: Pinterest continues to be an amazing platform for building sustainable, long term growth for service based on e-commerce businesses.

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5 Essential Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2023


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